Two Forks

A Hairy Situation

Season 3 Episode 7

Basking in the glow of their victory, Team SSS are taken to celebrate by their trainer. They are introduced to another fighter named Kreig. He seems eager to join the group on their adventures and they agree to take him when they accompany Balin to a meeting the next day.

They opt to take watches through the night, keeping an eye on Balin and this turns out to be a good idea. When Mourn’s shift is over, he goes to wake Sebastian and finds nothing but a pile of ash on his bedroom floor. The Team take Balin and head out into the night looking for their friend.

The Team pays a mage to locate Sebastian and are told he is in Pentavius’ tower. They pay a little more to contact him and find that Sebastian has been taken in for questioning as a result of the Team’s actions in Kodonia. Pentavius is angry about the destruction of the source. The Team tell Sebastian to convince Pentavius that they will fix it and head over.

Pentavius expected that they would come and a meeting is immediately set up. He informs them that four sources exist in the world and together they power a barrier keeping a great evil from the world. Pentavius seems torn between letting the barrier drop so that he can have a grand battle and taking the sensible route of fixing the broken source. The Team agree to help put the source back and Pentavius fast tracks the adamantium trade deal to get them on their way.

Relaxing briefly in a tavern before their journey home, the curse of Tingsdale strikes. Leopoldo and Sebastian turn into werewolves and a fight breaks out. In the chaos, Mourn manages to simply knock Leo unconscious but a panicking, raging Kreig kills Sebastian.


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