Two Forks

Cleric Gone Rogue

Season 3 Episode 6

The newly improved Team SSS are attacked at their inn by a mithril golem. They make short work of it and are later confronted by an angry servant of one of the Blessed. The golem was his master’s property and he’s displeased by the damage. Nevertheless, the Team manage to convince him that they are the ones who deserve compensation and send him on his way.

Mourn notices a trail of oil leading in the direction from which the golem came. He follows it and finds it leads beneath Pentavius’ house. He gathers the Team and they all follow the oil into some tunnels. They open into a chute leading from Pentavius’ house to the rubbish heap below the city. The Team follow the chute upwards and find themselves in a room filled with golems. They see an empty space where a new golem could be placed. With many golems of different materials, perhaps there is a reason Pentavius so desperately wants adamantium.

Opting not to explore Pentavius’ house further, especially without the full party, Team SSS head to the arena. Their new patron puts down the upfront costs amd the Team confidently decide to put down a 5000 gold bet on themselves. With their new array of powers and more keenly focused abilities, they make short work of their opponents and emerge victorious.


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