Two Forks

I Tumble The Fuck Away

Season 3 Episode 4

The Team start their first day in Denemir by escorting their dwarven friends as they settle their mithril order with a local Blessed. A little gold is earned helping drive the mithril and the general sights of the city are taken in.

Immediately afterwards, the Team resume body-guarding Lord Balin and take him to his negotiations over the Adamantine trade Denemir and Two Forks wish to set up. Once initial negotiations are complete, the Team discuss how they will pass the month it will take Balin to iron out the details with the Blessed. Fortunately, they are told fantastic amounts of money and rewards can be found if one is willing to quest for the Blessed or fight in the arena. Sebastian is keen to try his might in the arena and Mourn pictures obscene amounts of gold, confident that the team will win any arena battle.

After paying increased entry fees to cover the cost of magical resuscitation and laying down 5000 party gold in a bet on their own victory, Team SSS gear up for their first battle. It’s a massacre. Team SSS confidently use the preparation time to bless, buff and enhance themselves and Mourn even turns invisible. Unfortunately, their opponents use the time just as wisely and have much more magic to call upon. With enemies turning into 8-headed hydra and umberhulks, Team SSS is annihilated.

Nevertheless, a local Blessed saw potential that needed only to be shaped and offers to train the Team. He knows the odds are stacked against them now and is keen to bet gold on them once he knows they’re ready.


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