Two Forks

Leopoldo Lionheart Lends a Hand

A song by the illustrious bard himself!

Now Leopoldo Lionheart
Who’d travelled long and far
Was eager for a quest to start
And rested in a bar

Then from the crowd three men broke through
And loudly called his name
For Leo this was nothing new
Being used to his fame

“Lets play a game!” one boldly yapped
Who said his name was Mourn
And though he looked a dexterous chap
Leo gave him this warn:

“A game of knives? Well count me in!
But guard your pride with care…
And be prepared for your chagrin
For I shall win, I swear”

Once, twice, three times they played
Each outcome came the same
For Leo’s prowess with a blade
Was as famous as his name

“Aha I won!” the hero cries
The bar erupts in raucous cheers
But tears he sees within Mourn’s eyes
So graciously buys him a beer

“Darius sent us — join our cause!”
Mourn asks him through his pain
And Leo answered o’er the applause
“Yeah all right then”


HarryB wdj240

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