Two Forks


Season 3 Episode 2

Team SSS set out on the caravans, ready to escort Lord Balin on a pleasant journey to Denemir. They hear wolves on the journey but reach their first stop – the village of Tingsdale – without issue. Settling in to an inn named The Silver Horn, the team hear that wolves had been attacking the villagers’ sheep. Team SSS couldn’t refuse to help, not when Lord Balin was so eager to play hero. They question a local named Jeff who had been attacked by the wolves and swore they were twice the size of a normal wolf and decide to lay a trap for them.

They tied a sheep to the floor and waited, four wolves showed up. Leopoldo had been hiding nearby, preparing a dramatic reveal but was discovered before he could launch his surprise attack. Team SSS are pushed on to the back foot by the group of wolves; they appear much more powerful than normal beasts. The mystery is solved when the wolves die, their bodies twist and transform into humans, the team had killed a band of werewolves. Unfortunately, Leopoldo and Sebastian had been bitten!

Arrora finds some Wolfsbane and relieves the two bitten party members of their curse. The team head back to the inn and find Jeff dead with the inn’s Silver Horn through his chest. He had become a wolf and the innkeeper, Frederique, had solved the problem. The team move on before an investigation can be launched.


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