Gilly Hoey

A Paladin trying to restore her faith


 Gilly originated from the city of Starwall where she was a member of a minor noble family. When Gilly was young, Starwall was attacked by undead summoned by followers of Afflux, the god of necromancy. She was saved by a band of paladins from the temple of Heironeous who had been tracking these necromancers. Gilly then became a devout follower of Heironeous, the Archpaladin and god of valour, and trained to be a paladin.

After many years of questing and battling the forces of evil the world over, Gilly met Doran. They got married and settled down with a family in the village of Springvale where Gilly became a blacksmith. They had twin daughters Holly and Eloise.

Springvale was a small, out of the way village and as such had no local temples, however, they were often visited by nomadic monks of various faiths. Eloise took an interest in the teachings of the monks of Pelor, the god of the sun and often visited the monks’ encampment. On the night of the blood moon, Gilly and Doran woke to screaming from the village. They went into the twins’ room to check on them and found their beds empty. They left the house and followed the screaming where they found the bodies of several villagers and the monks of Pelor. They searched the bodies and found Holly amongst them. They heard a shout of “hail Nerull!” and looked up to see a flash of red robes in the distance. Gilly and Doran chased after them and could see Eloise running alongside one of the monks. The monk blasted them with magic that killed Doran and knocked Gilly out.

Gilly has now abandoned Heironeous as he didn’t help her in her time of need. She has now struck out on her own to destroy the order of Nerull.

Gilly Hoey

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