Mourn - Tramorn Aurelis Ormond

A human noble gone rogue.


Top Stats:
Window Jumps: 2


Mourn is from Rhomnir, the land around Two-forks. He is the eldest child and only son of Desmond and Tamara Ormond, trained from birth to inherit his family’s home: Mondhall. A modest holding consisting of a small keep and a surrounding farm village. His parents never approved of the bickering and infighting among Rhomnir’s nobles, believing landowners should spend more time looking after their people and less spying on each other. Mourn grew up with his parents constantly disparaging nobles who played these petty games.

Ever since the highly suspicious murder of his parents, Mourn has been convinced the ‘games’ the local nobility play are not entirely petty. One night, Mourn heard the screams of Elona; one of his younger sisters. Creeping from his room he saw men standing over her now still body and immediately fled to his parents’ room, only to find them dead. Mourn took his father’s ring, a thick silver ring with the Ormond family crest and crept back into the hallway. He heard men moving down the corridor shouting “there’s one more, the boy” and that was enough. Mourn assumed his other sister, Natalia, was also dead and ran. The Orellyn family took over his parents’ estate shortly after and Mourn believes it is part of some larger conspiracy.

Having fled his childhood home, Mourn headed to town and learned to survive in the shadows. He had nothing but a ragged set of clothes he stole from a house on the way into town and his Father’s ring. Mourn survived by stealing what he needed and using his wits to overcome the many problems he didn’t have the strength to face head on. Naturally fitting in with the nobility, he learned to make a living spying on behalf of the local lords. A job his parents would disapprove of. However, he often secretly worked both sides of their disputes, happy to drain their gold and eager for a chance to discover the plot that killed his family.

Mourn quietly reveres Olidammara and tends towards choatic neutral. A need to survive alone and skills that quickly fail when he doesn’t have the upperhand have taught Mourn that acting quickly and decisively is often better than making the best possible move. His reckless actions can cause a lot of trouble but Mourn is convinced it’s the only reason he’s lived this long.

Mourn allows very little to stand in the way of his goals. Beyond discovering (and murdering) the people responsible for his family’s death; he’d like to see a better class of nobility ruling the city. For this reason, he respects people like Drevyn who use their wealth and standing for the good of the city. However, he also harbours a desire to reclaim his family estate.

Mourn - Tramorn Aurelis Ormond

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