Two Forks

Those Who Walk Away
Season 2 Episode 21

Team SSS charge on the Bone Palace with the freed prisoners and their rebel army. They burst through the doors into the main foyer and face down a group of warriors who gathered to defend the palace. The Team take a fair bit of injury but dispatch their enemies, calling the rebels in behind them.

At this moment, the Team settle on a plan to end the whole fiasco they’ve gotten into. They send the rebels off to clear out the palace and head down below; to where they know the source is hidden. Reasoning that the source both pulls in the essence reavers and maintains Reldon as an immortal sorcerer of infinite power, they decide to destroy it.

Upon entering the room with the source, Gilly, Sebastian, Savaros and Mourn all rush towards the glowing ball of power. Sebastian gets there first and plunges Darius’ conduit crystal into the source, draining it and sending the power to Darius. Savaros sees this beacon of true magical power and sees it fading. Sensing the window for opportunity is closing, he charges into the source and is destroyed.

The others fight to remove the crystal from the source, unwilling to give Darius so much power. After some discussion, they reluctantly agree that there’s nothing else to be done. They allow the entire source to be sent to Darius and make their way out of the palace. They ignore the rebels and the fighting and move on. Some feel defeated but all agree their part is done.

Spirits are low, the Team decide to collect Urist’s body and teleport out of the city. They find Reldon’s corpse in a stable, finally fallen once the source was destroyed. Arrora arrives late to the battle and gets embroiled in a misunderstanding with some rebels who do not recognise the Team. Most of Team SSS run away to spare the rebels with only Arrora choosing to fight. She is overwhelmed but the Team continue to run, too worn out to consider fighting. She escapes and catches up with a broken and remorseless party as they prepare to leave the city.

Apparating to the streets of Two Forks, the Team head home. They’re greeted by Jeremy who aids them in turning Urist’s body into a statue. The team agree to meet Darius and ask whether Savaros was transported to him. Beyond that, the Team appear to be at a loose end.

Season 2 Episode 20

With the success of their recent missions, the start of martial law in Kodonia and unknown assailants attacking their base, Team SSS decide the time for revolution has come.

The plan was simple: Savaros and Mourn would recon the prison where disobedient slaves are “re-educated” and slip inside to open the doors for an attacking party. Mourn wound up hidden inside whilst Savaros returned to the main party.

Meanwhile, Gilly and Sebastian rallied the rebels that the team had armed and trained during their weeks in the city. As evening approached, Reldon attacked the city as a distraction and Gilly led the charge against the prison.

Mourn was unable to open the doors as the guards were alerted when chanting rebels attacked the prison. Nevertheless, the guards were overcome and the prisoners freed. Gilly have a rousing speech and the rebellion was truly underway.

How Do You Feel About Slavery?
Season 2 Episode 19

We return to Team SSS sat in the basement discussing plans over breakfast. Their scheming is interrupted by the arrival of two of the people sent by Darius: Vathek and Soren. After introductions and an extensive interview, Team SSS accept their new comrades and head out for further revolutionary antics.

In a fancy restaurant named Wessin’s Blue, the team decide to start a pub crawl with some young warrior types with a view to exploding another building. This time one filled with the younger faction of warriors. Vathek and Savaros manage to blow the place up without a hitch. However, the other members of the team fumble their jobs. Soren is caught invisibly walking towards the exit and he and Mourn are chased from the bar. Gilly attempts to lead the slaves out before the fire and rescues two. Still the mission is a success.

As the team rests in the basement, the are joined by another of Darius’ men: a monk named Sebastian. In the night, they come underattack by a mysterious force. After a drawn out fight, the survivors of that force teleport away, leaving team SSS shaken but unarmed.

Keep Stroking It Whilst He Puts His Arm In
Season 2 Episode 18

Regrouping in Reldon’s cave, the team are finally paid by Darius. Darius goes on to inform them that he’s been hoping the team would destabilize Kodonia and is sending more people to help. In the meantime, the team decide to raid a tomb to rearm Gilly before indulging in some actual terrorism.

The foray into tomb raiding is short and sweet with the endless powers of Reldon making light work of dungeoneering. Gilly, Savaros and Mourn then re-enter the city as Caroline Smellyshoes, Snuffy Walden and MARGAROL. As a warrior, Arrora simply walks in.

The team decide to blow up an exclusive club frequented by older warriors. Arrora sneaks in barrels of alcohol under the pretense of bringing gifts to her friends and these are spilled liberally in the club. Savaros then hurls fireballs through the windows and burns the place to the ground. The team make a run for it and regroup at the basement.

Live Free or Die Hard
Season 2 Episode 17

Urist is led from his cell and taken to his trial by combat. Taken to the cages Gilly escaped past, he is pushed into the inner cage. Urist quickly finds a one-on-one battle with an essence reaver to be too much and teleports to the outer cage, heavily injured. In a tense scene, Urist teleports again and makes for the wall ringing the courtyard. Guards fire crossbows and others directly move to stop him but Urist forces his way up the stairs and leaps from the wall. Injured to a point where any other man would be unconscious and dying, Urist stumbles into the city. He is unable to find a quiet place to bandage his wounds and knows he is on his last leg. Cornered on the top of a building, unable to really move without wounding himself further, he defiantly shouts “FREE THE SLAVES” and leaps to his death.

Gilly makes it back into the city and comes across a commotion on her way to the slave base. A dead dwarf lies on the ground and Gilly immediately realises who it is. She informs the others and they head to the prison. Gilly, Savaros and Mourn pretend all be priests of Olidammara and go to claim the body for “burial”. Storing it in a wardrobe full of ice, the team head to Reldon’s cave. Darius awaits them there in a projected form and informs them that payment for the staff is on the way and that freeing Reldon to spark a revolution was his hope all along.

Best Deals Get Early
Season 2 Episode 16

In a weirdly split episode, Gilly and Urist follow a city wide alarm to a town meeting of warriors. The death of Trodd is announced and the warriors are called to search for the suspects. Gilly and Urist are promptly recognised and arrested. Gilly escapes prison through a courtyard where slaves in a circular cage are forced to stand around an essence reaver in a smaller cage. Urist is abandoned as his cell is opposite the broken wall. He demands trial by combat.

Meanwhile, Savaros and Mourn consider what to do with their day. Oblivious to their friends’ situation they stroll into town, meeting a less-than-trustworthy merchant selling ‘magical’ trinkets and purchasing more weapons in town. Deciding it will cause some unrest, they hunt for a warrior to murder. After an assassination attempt fails because the target turns out to be a nice guy, the pair head back to base to wait for the others.

I Pocket The Finger And Move On
Season 2 Episode 15

The remaining members of Team SSS go about the business of resurrecting Gilly. Faced with a cost of 10 000 gold for a resurrection, the Team opts for the cheaper method of using their scroll of reincarnate. By convincing a druid to cast the scroll on a finger Mourn cut from her, Gilly was reincarnated as a young, human female.

With Gilly (now Rose) back from the dead, Team SSS turned their thoughts to revenge. They sneak into Trodd’s house in the dead of night and Mourn successfully murders a sleeping man, only to find it’s Trodd’s son. Disguising himself as the son, Mourn goes for a second try. Trodd dies but also wakes his wife who quickly sees through the disguise. The Team fight Trodd’s household guard as they flee with Gilly going as far as to use Trodd’s infant children as a shield.

Don't Throw Cheese In Bone Houses
Season 2 Episode 14

Savaros and Mourn find themselves at a loose end in the slave district. Unable to train their drunk companions until the next evening, they drink the night away. The following day they head out shopping for a mask to hide Mourn’s scaled face. After an eventful trip, they catch wind of a duel between a warrior named Trodd and Kodonia’s newest warrior.

Whilst the other two drink, Gilly, Arrora and Urist are invited to a party. Arrora gets blackout drunk but Gilly is able to gather a lot of information about the warriors. They are roughly evenly split into two factions, the traditionalists and the expansionist younger warriors. A man named Trodd bullies the other guests and Gilly intervenes, getting the victim to a carriage home. Urist and Trodd have a scuffle but it escalates when Gilly rejoins them and starts a food fight. Trodd challenges her to a duel.

After a night looking for a place to sleep, an exhausted Gilly heads over to the duel. She soon finds herself outmatched as Trodd repeatedly trips and then hits her with a chain. Frustrated, Gilly rallies by retreating each time she trips and catching Trodd as he charges her. Unfortunately, just as tactic starts to wound him, he unleashes two spells borrowed from a friend and stored in his weapons. Gilly is left frozen on the duelling ground, dead.

Season 2 Episode 13

After meeting publicly in a cafe, Team SSS decide to head to Reldon’s Cave, codenamed Wilson’s Cave for a more private conversation. Wilson’s cave being a popular bar in Kodonia made it easy to talk about meeting there in public, but the less than intelligent Team SSS never know which Wilson’s cave they mean.

Reldon offers to transform Mourn back from being a gnome with a spell that will cycle randomly through races until one is chosen or the spell fizzles out. In typical fashion, Mourn allows the human form to pass in hope of more. The spell dies out, leaving him a troglodyte.

Savaros, Mourn and Urist just manage to re-enter the city, with Mourn forced to magically assume the guise of Margarol: A foreign human fighter who can only say her own name.

Arrora buys a slave in the hopes of infiltrating society and chooses a disgraced former warrior. Gilbert suggests using him as a trainer in a fighting school she intends to start.

Is It Because I'm A Dwarf?
Season 2 Episode 12

A revolution takes much planning and Team SSS are ready for the long game.

Gilly , Arrora and Urist infiltrate society. The whole team go on an essence reaver hunt and bring back two corpses. Kodonia welcomes Gilly and Urist as heroes. However, Urist’s time of celebration is cut short when the librarian he maimed accuses him of attempted murder. Hours later, after showing the intense will required to lie in a Zone of Truth, Urist is free to walk the city. Arrora uses her free time to drink with two of the most prominent slave owners in the city and finds out that a sale is on the next day.

Mourn chooses to enter the slave district and find those he can gather around him for the uprising. A trip to the temple of Olidammara leads him to a basement in the slave district that appears to be part illegal bar, part temple and potentially the headquarters of a thieves’ guild. He agrees to fence a stolen magic draining crystal and arm the people there as a show of good faith.


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