Two Forks

Are We SURE This Is A Good Idea?
Season 2 Episode 11

Navigating their way through the final trial, the room of Magic, Team SSS stumble upon Reldon’s final resting place.

Crucified with four magic draining crystals pinning him to the wall, Reldon was alive but unable to free himself. The crystals themselves drained into the inert bodies of four essence reavers, preventing them from overloading.

Reldon, a former slave, fused with the ‘power’ that runs the city and became incredibly powerful. He tried to start a revolution and was punished for his actions. Convinced that Reldon was truly a victim in all that had happened, Team SSS decide to give him a second chance.

The revolution begins.

I Like You Because You Give Me Coconuts
Season 2 Episode 10

The effects of the temple start to show and whole days of dungeon delving pass in a blur for members who haven’t seen the light of day for unknown amounts of time.

But seriously, I never wrote this summary because I knew which rooms we did (Sun, Travel, Plant) and couldn’t work out what took a whole session.

The Minute War
Season 2 Episode 9

Team SSS enter the Strength room and find themselves face to face with an iron golem trapped inside a metal destroying dome. Gilly steps into the ring but it takes the additional efforts of Savaros and Arrora to finally push the golem into the walls of the dome and destroy it.

Pressing on, the team are transported to a hilltop by a portal in the War room. A giant timer in the sky counts down a minute as an endless army charges up the hill. Team SSS survive the minute but are grievously wounded. Leaving the room of war, the team burn most of their remaining resources to heal.

Exploding acid monsters in the room of Destruction prove no challenge and so the adventures rest with 3 more rooms marked off their list.

Manservant or Rhinocerous?
Season 2 Episode 8

Resting in the corridor between the rooms of Chaos and Trickery, Team SSS finally remember to search for secret rooms. They find their second room, marked “Supply Drop 3”. Finding more than just a health potion, they backtrack to find drop 2, between Knowledge and Death. Team SSS press on, now carrying two magic draining crystals, four of which are apparently required to contain Reldon.

The trap filled room of Trickery proves tough for Team SSS and they only make it one room further. They rest in the room of Good. Now they face the room of Strength. Team SSS know the staff they seek is in one of the following rooms and there are only seven to go until they enter the resting place of Reldon.

I Am Seven Letters...
Season 2 Episode 7

Team SSS continue to delve into the Tomb of Reldon, now followed by city guards determined to stop Reldon’s return. Unable to convince the guards of their good intentions, Team SSS kill them all.

Moving through the rooms of Knowledge, Death, Protection and Chaos, Team SSS’ pause for rest outside the toom of Trickery.

A Man, A Gnome and A Magic Trident
Season 2 Episode 6

Delving deeper into the tomb, Team SSS are confronted by an earth elemental. The colossal creature proves challenging for the group but they rally and Urist gets the killing blow.

Moving on, they come across the Law room. Mourn cannot resist the magical weapons on the wall despite representing an obvious trap. Sure enough, as he steals a rapier from the wall, he initiates a fight with the now animated weaponry. The party promptly runs away.

This leads them into the room of luck where each member of the team is subjected to a random magical effect. Gender, race and personalities are altered.

Walking effortlessly through the animal room due to Arrora’s empathy with all things wild, the team prepare to face the Knowledge room.

I'll Fight Them Alone!
Season 2 Episode 5

Keen to be getting on with their quest and aware half the party are wanted criminals, Team SSS decide to meet Arrora at her naming ceremony and immediately leave the city. Their caution was not unwarranted and a group of guards recognise Urist moments after Arrora recieves the name Arrora Arrow. Team SSS split up in an attempt to leave the city with minimal fuss.

Regrouping outside the city walls, Team SSS make their way to the Temple of Reldon. They battle their way through the first 3 of the rooms marked on their map of the temple: Fire, Water and Air.

And So Begins the Revolution
Season 2 Episode 4

The team arrive in Kodonia, with the essence reaver they killed in tow. This proves fortunate when they find that the only way to have any standing in Kodonia is to be a warrior and the only way to prove your worth is to present the rulers with an essence reaver corpse. As the dealer of the killing blow, Arrora is acknowledged by the city.

Leaving Arrora to prepare for her naming, the rest of the team go to meet Jakros, Darius’ friend. Jakros informs the group that their main advantage in exploring the tomb will be a map Darius and Jakros created on their adventures. Unfortunately, it is locked away in the city library. Urist and Mourn resolve to scout out the library whilst Gilly looks for another way. Savaros spends the evening playing cards in a tavern.

Come 1 am, Mourn and an armourless Urist, use the team’s new magic grappling hook to break into the library. Sneaking through the library without trouble, the pair approach the room where forbidden documents are kept only to find someone inside. Mourn attempts to acquire the map alone but is foiled when he realises the map is on the shelf in front of the room’s occupant. Mourn’s divine magic fails to force the man to walk away. The man tears the map apart when Mourn decides to explain what he is after. A fight ensues, Urist occupies the man whilst Mourn collects the pieces of the torn map. As Mourn escapes to the window, Urist knocks the man unconcious and teleports out of the building. Mourn leaps through the window as the library guards appear and both members of Team SSS make it away safely.

I AM a Weapon
Season 2 Episode 3

The team head to the desert as part of Coalyon’s caravan guard. Staying briefly at his manor, they are introduced to a familiar face: Austin the druid. Austin decides to join them on their journey to Kodonia.

Journeying through the desert, shrugging off the heat with the endure elements spell, the team encounter an essence reaver. The lizard-like creature almost kills Austin’s bear, Savaros, and Mourn but Arrora puts it down with three arrows. Urist and Gilly don’t even wake in the commotion.

Finally, the team reach Kodonia and receive 300 gold each for their troubles.

A Naked Dwarf on the Doorstep
Season 2 Episode 2

We open on the team being attacked in their new home. Team SSS dispatch the intruders with no issues but make no attempt to investigate. They simply ask Darius to handle it.

Leaving Jeremy in charge of the house, Team SSS set off on Darius’ quest. A day in the life of a caravan guard passes without trouble but adventure hits when the team settle in at an inn for the night.

A giant attacks the inn and the team bravely rush out to confront it. Fireballs, cowardice and one party death (Oleka) later, the giant falls.


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