Two Forks

A Naked Dwarf on the Doorstep
Season 2 Episode 2

We open on the team being attacked in their new home. Team SSS dispatch the intruders with no issues but make no attempt to investigate. They simply ask Darius to handle it.

Leaving Jeremy in charge of the house, Team SSS set off on Darius’ quest. A day in the life of a caravan guard passes without trouble but adventure hits when the team settle in at an inn for the night.

A giant attacks the inn and the team bravely rush out to confront it. Fireballs, cowardice and one party death (Oleka) later, the giant falls.

Season 2 Episode 1

Team SSS saved the city twice in season 1 and received a house for their troubles. Not in the business of housekeeping, they eagerly hire a quiet young man named Jeremy. Jeremy is slightly overwhelmed by Team SSS’ manic and borderline psychotic attitude but the team decided they love him and that he loves his new job.

Their regular client – Darius – sends the team to find a staff for him offering the standard payment of a magical item per team member.


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