Two Forks

A Hairy Situation
Season 3 Episode 7

Basking in the glow of their victory, Team SSS are taken to celebrate by their trainer. They are introduced to another fighter named Kreig. He seems eager to join the group on their adventures and they agree to take him when they accompany Balin to a meeting the next day.

They opt to take watches through the night, keeping an eye on Balin and this turns out to be a good idea. When Mourn’s shift is over, he goes to wake Sebastian and finds nothing but a pile of ash on his bedroom floor. The Team take Balin and head out into the night looking for their friend.

The Team pays a mage to locate Sebastian and are told he is in Pentavius’ tower. They pay a little more to contact him and find that Sebastian has been taken in for questioning as a result of the Team’s actions in Kodonia. Pentavius is angry about the destruction of the source. The Team tell Sebastian to convince Pentavius that they will fix it and head over.

Pentavius expected that they would come and a meeting is immediately set up. He informs them that four sources exist in the world and together they power a barrier keeping a great evil from the world. Pentavius seems torn between letting the barrier drop so that he can have a grand battle and taking the sensible route of fixing the broken source. The Team agree to help put the source back and Pentavius fast tracks the adamantium trade deal to get them on their way.

Relaxing briefly in a tavern before their journey home, the curse of Tingsdale strikes. Leopoldo and Sebastian turn into werewolves and a fight breaks out. In the chaos, Mourn manages to simply knock Leo unconscious but a panicking, raging Kreig kills Sebastian.

Cleric Gone Rogue
Season 3 Episode 6

The newly improved Team SSS are attacked at their inn by a mithril golem. They make short work of it and are later confronted by an angry servant of one of the Blessed. The golem was his master’s property and he’s displeased by the damage. Nevertheless, the Team manage to convince him that they are the ones who deserve compensation and send him on his way.

Mourn notices a trail of oil leading in the direction from which the golem came. He follows it and finds it leads beneath Pentavius’ house. He gathers the Team and they all follow the oil into some tunnels. They open into a chute leading from Pentavius’ house to the rubbish heap below the city. The Team follow the chute upwards and find themselves in a room filled with golems. They see an empty space where a new golem could be placed. With many golems of different materials, perhaps there is a reason Pentavius so desperately wants adamantium.

Opting not to explore Pentavius’ house further, especially without the full party, Team SSS head to the arena. Their new patron puts down the upfront costs amd the Team confidently decide to put down a 5000 gold bet on themselves. With their new array of powers and more keenly focused abilities, they make short work of their opponents and emerge victorious.

Training Montage
Season 3 Episode 5

A mysterious Blessed has contact the team through his servant, Roland, to offer them training. The Team take him up on the offer and start to spend their time at his training facility.

Arrora starts to learn arcane arts to supplement her archery whilst Gilly moves closer to her god, taking on more of the powers of a cleric. Leo continues his training with no changes, confident he’s on the right path. Whilst their training goes on, Mourn decides to abandon his reliance on his god’s luck and moves back to focusing on his roguish abilities. Sebastian sees the abilities his companions are working towards and settles on path that will bring him closer to nature and allow him access to the kind of magic that destroyed the team in their last battle.

I Tumble The Fuck Away
Season 3 Episode 4

The Team start their first day in Denemir by escorting their dwarven friends as they settle their mithril order with a local Blessed. A little gold is earned helping drive the mithril and the general sights of the city are taken in.

Immediately afterwards, the Team resume body-guarding Lord Balin and take him to his negotiations over the Adamantine trade Denemir and Two Forks wish to set up. Once initial negotiations are complete, the Team discuss how they will pass the month it will take Balin to iron out the details with the Blessed. Fortunately, they are told fantastic amounts of money and rewards can be found if one is willing to quest for the Blessed or fight in the arena. Sebastian is keen to try his might in the arena and Mourn pictures obscene amounts of gold, confident that the team will win any arena battle.

After paying increased entry fees to cover the cost of magical resuscitation and laying down 5000 party gold in a bet on their own victory, Team SSS gear up for their first battle. It’s a massacre. Team SSS confidently use the preparation time to bless, buff and enhance themselves and Mourn even turns invisible. Unfortunately, their opponents use the time just as wisely and have much more magic to call upon. With enemies turning into 8-headed hydra and umberhulks, Team SSS is annihilated.

Nevertheless, a local Blessed saw potential that needed only to be shaped and offers to train the Team. He knows the odds are stacked against them now and is keen to bet gold on them once he knows they’re ready.

Arrival In Denemir
Season 3 Episode 3

The Team continue on their journey to Denemir and meet a group of dwarfs who are also en route. They intend to sell a shipment of mithril directly to one of the Blessed. The Team travel with the dwarfs and learn the background of the city, including tales of Pentavius: the creator and ruler of the city. The Team realise this figure of legend is as powerful as he is greedy and utterly devoid of empathy.

They arrive at the City’s base and are teleported up to the floating island. From there, they are directed to the Luminous Lake, their place of residence for the stay.

Season 3 Episode 2

Team SSS set out on the caravans, ready to escort Lord Balin on a pleasant journey to Denemir. They hear wolves on the journey but reach their first stop – the village of Tingsdale – without issue. Settling in to an inn named The Silver Horn, the team hear that wolves had been attacking the villagers’ sheep. Team SSS couldn’t refuse to help, not when Lord Balin was so eager to play hero. They question a local named Jeff who had been attacked by the wolves and swore they were twice the size of a normal wolf and decide to lay a trap for them.

They tied a sheep to the floor and waited, four wolves showed up. Leopoldo had been hiding nearby, preparing a dramatic reveal but was discovered before he could launch his surprise attack. Team SSS are pushed on to the back foot by the group of wolves; they appear much more powerful than normal beasts. The mystery is solved when the wolves die, their bodies twist and transform into humans, the team had killed a band of werewolves. Unfortunately, Leopoldo and Sebastian had been bitten!

Arrora finds some Wolfsbane and relieves the two bitten party members of their curse. The team head back to the inn and find Jeff dead with the inn’s Silver Horn through his chest. He had become a wolf and the innkeeper, Frederique, had solved the problem. The team move on before an investigation can be launched.

The Wolves of Tingsdale
How Leo (mostly) saved a village from a terrible curse

The wolves! The wolves! Of poor Tingsdale,
O could there be a sadder tale?
The town for which I wrote this verse,
Fell victim to an ancient curse.

A foreigner came, was welcomed in,
He seemed so kind, if slightly thin.
And when, quite soon, full moon came round,
The stranger could nowhere be found.

Months went by without a trace,
They soon forgot the strangers face.
And when the wolves began to raid,
The villagers then were sore afraid.

Leo came! Our rambunctious friend,
And to the villagers a hand did lend.
With his crew and with great fun,
He slew them all with witty puns.

Back to the inn to celebrate,
But — how cruel! — they were too late.
For blood and bodies strew the floor,
And the Silver Horn above the door,
Lay stuck in Jeff’s now-human chest,
Who had turned wolf, Leo guessed.

And with the wolves of Tingsdale gone
Leo left and wrote this song.

A Guard called Ross

There was once a guard called Ross,
Whom Leo thought he could cross.
He was sorely mistaken,
So to jail he was taken,
And hastily had to take off.

Leopoldo Lionheart Lends a Hand
A song by the illustrious bard himself!

Now Leopoldo Lionheart
Who’d travelled long and far
Was eager for a quest to start
And rested in a bar

Then from the crowd three men broke through
And loudly called his name
For Leo this was nothing new
Being used to his fame

“Lets play a game!” one boldly yapped
Who said his name was Mourn
And though he looked a dexterous chap
Leo gave him this warn:

“A game of knives? Well count me in!
But guard your pride with care…
And be prepared for your chagrin
For I shall win, I swear”

Once, twice, three times they played
Each outcome came the same
For Leo’s prowess with a blade
Was as famous as his name

“Aha I won!” the hero cries
The bar erupts in raucous cheers
But tears he sees within Mourn’s eyes
So graciously buys him a beer

“Darius sent us — join our cause!”
Mourn asks him through his pain
And Leo answered o’er the applause
“Yeah all right then”

Season 3 - Preseason Mini Ep

Team SSS deal with the fallout from Kodonia, a new companion is introduced and the Team accept a new quest from Darius

Most of Team SSS remain, exhausted, in the house. Sebastian and Mourn decide to meet with Darius in search of answers. After a scuffle in the market, in which Sebastian is robbed and Mourn is caught pickpocketing, they arrive at Darius’ tower. Darius confirms their fears, Savaros is dead. He admits he has made ill use of the Team and suggests a peace offering: a large payment (worth 40 000 gp) for their last mission and a well-paid, easy quest. The pair accept on behalf of Team SSS and are tasked with escorting a diplomat on a peaceful visit to Denemir, a land belonging to elven magic users called “The Blessed”. Darius also requests they take a man named Leopoldo with them, he owes Darius a favour and team SSS is undermanned.

They head to a rowdy bar suggested by Darius and there they meet the larger than life swordsman Leopoldo Lionheart. Their meeting is cut unfortunately short when the team’s occasional companion Vathek starts a bar fight and summarily ends it with a fear spell.

Nevertheless, Leopoldo chooses to accompany Team SSS on their new quest and their path is set. The rest of the day is spent shopping, with one item high on the agenda. Vathek disguises himself as Savaros long enough for a sculptor to sketch him, and longer still to the upset of the party. A statue of Sav is commissioned and the team prepare to leave.


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