Mourn's Campaign Diary

We almost died fighting Mexis. Well, that’s not strictly true. We almost died every step of the way as we tracked down and prepared to kill Mexis. Jebeddo actually did. Mexis himself was slain rather quickly by Gilly, Urist and Savaros whilst Arrora and I threw water at people. Preparation is the key I guess.

Nevertheless, what remained of the council owed us their lives and, in true SSS fashion, we insisted that they start paying that debt immediately. We have a home now, my first home since leaving Mondhall. We have a servant (Jeremy), he’s a nice guy and even a guest bedroom. I’m happy.

Aaaand in a sick twist, our first night in our new home was interrupted by assassins. I’m…. different now though. I didn’t run. I fought the woman who burst into my room until Urist came in and distracted her. Then I cut her head off. None of us were hurt and we just laughed it off, asked Darius to look into it. I pinned my assassins head to the wall with a dagger. I may have overreacted. Then again, I didn’t sleep for hours that night, I just sat in bed shaking. Assassins. Again. Fuck this.

Darius sent us to find a staff of his. Apparently, it means a lot to him and he’s willing to pay us all in magic items so into the desert we go. It’s buried in a tomb filled with monsters so strong and/or numerous that Darius and his adventuring party dropped their weapons and ran. I’m not sure it’s an incredible idea for team SSS to go there. We’ve picked up work as caravan guards to get us to Kodonia and the tomb should be just outside the city. Just over a month’s round trip; we paid Jeremy in advance.

Gilly’s mount, Olekka got murdered by a giant on the first night of our travels to Kodonia. She still looks distant occasionally, like she does when she’s talking to it so who knows if the celestial horse is really dead? I hope Gilly’s ok, I’ve grown fond of her. Even if she is sworn to keep me captive.

Other than that, we reached Kodonia with only a little trouble. I took a peek around our employer’s office and didn’t find anything other than his diary. It mentioned getting attacked by a dragon-like beast and, sure enough, a similar creature attacked us in the desert. An essence reaver apparently. Whatever that means.

We got through the desert though, with Olidammara giving me the power to shrug off the heat. I feel like he’s closer than ever, I guess I’m doing this cleric thing right. Wish he’d send a little more luck my way though.

Kodonia is fucked. up. We got let through the gate when we told the guards we were adventurers, turns out you have to be a warrior in this city. That or a slave. Walking around armed is good enough for most things but if you want a name, a name, you need to have dealt the killing blow to an essence reaver. Turns out Arrora is the only member of the group anyone in this city actually respects.

Jakros, the guy Darius sent us to meet, tried to be helpful but things are pretty bleak. The only advantage we have over the adventurers Darius travelled with is that they made a map of the tomb and we could use it. Unfortunately, that map was locked away in the city library. Jakros just hinted that 1 am would be a good time to break in. To be fair, he also got his blacksmith slaves to make Arrora and I armour as well as an axe for Urist. Not a bad guy I suppose. FOR A SLAVE OWNER. This city is messed up, I’m expecting Gilly to go all holy retribution any minute. Hell, I’d join her.

Anyway, break into a building, steal a thing. No problem. Savaros and Gilly elected not to come, Urist swore he’s been practising walking and could totally sneak with me if he took his armour off. I’m… glad he did. There weren’t many guards around and, to be honest, I barely heard him walking with me. So we got to the map without getting caught. Unfortunately, there was a guy in the room. I searched that whole room without him noticing me only to find the map was on a shelf right in front of him. So I took a deep breath, prayed to Olidammara and commanded him to leave. I know the spell worked but he just shrugged it off. There’s no turning back from there so I just explained that we’re not bad people and we wanted the map for some treasure hunting. The guy nodded, got the map from the shelf and tore it to shreds in front of me. Then he threatened me!

So, calling to Olidammara once again, I told him to run. The fear spell didn’t grip him at all though so we ended up fighting. Urist came teleporting to my rescue and smashed the guy up against the wall. I grabbed all the map pieces and ran. Urist knocked the guy unconscious and teleported out of the room. I swear that dwarf has saved my life every other week since I met him.

We met back up in our rooms at Jakros’ house and put the map together. We’re all ready to go now. We need to collect our new armour, get Arrora from the City hall and get out of the city before anyone realises Urist and I are the ones who broke into the library.

We’re finally free of the temple! After days under ground we found Darius’ staff and even Reldon himself. Who we freed, incidentally. Turns out he was a slave and was locked away for starting an uprising. Not too dissimilar to what we had planned for Kodonia anyway. So he’s joined the team in an advisory capacity and we are planning a revolution.

I’m hanging out in the slave district. I can’t quite tell what’s going on here but there’s some kind of bar that the braver slaves hang out in. Thieves and the like. I don’t know if it’s a guild or what but I intend to infiltrate them as their cleric, Olidammara is a great patron for these people right? If I can get them armed and organised the uprising should go better and if I get them loyal, I should be able to help squash the post-revolution chaos. And hell, it can’t hurt to bring more followers to the King of Rogues.

It’s not all success though, I got cursed in the temple AND NOW I’M A FUCKING GNOME. I’m so small and weak and nothing like as handsome as I was. I will find a way to turn back or at least into something else. I’d make a great elf. Elves live longer right?

Reldon gave me a sword named Octavius and I mean named. It’s got a soul inside it. It talks to me and, luckily, it’s got some pretty swishy moves. I might be weaker than I was before but that sword distracting my enemies gives me a little more time to aim and I know how to make a hit count.

So Reldon offered to change me back. His spell made my form shift continuously and I just had to stop it at human. Naturally, I let it pass. Angel, elf, teifling, I could have been something so cool. I pushed my luck a little too far it seems, the spell died and left me as a troglodyte. I’m hideous and every time I get scared, I start releasing this awful smell. I’m so ready to let something kill me and have Reldon reincarnate me with that scroll.

The revolution planning goes well, I’ve armed 20 slaves. Savaros is going to train them.

And that’s my only plan of turning back from being a troglodyte gone. Gilly just died. I watched this dickhead trip her over and over and over again, hitting her whilst she was down. Savaros distracted the crowd around me long enough that I could cast a spell on him but it wasn’t enough. He murdered her. So we’re going to take her body to Reldon and reincarnate her. Then, we’re going to kill Trodd. We need to hang someone’s corpse outside their slave built mansion and it might as well be him.

Mourn's Campaign Diary

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