Two Forks


Season 3 - Preseason Mini Ep

Team SSS deal with the fallout from Kodonia, a new companion is introduced and the Team accept a new quest from Darius

Most of Team SSS remain, exhausted, in the house. Sebastian and Mourn decide to meet with Darius in search of answers. After a scuffle in the market, in which Sebastian is robbed and Mourn is caught pickpocketing, they arrive at Darius’ tower. Darius confirms their fears, Savaros is dead. He admits he has made ill use of the Team and suggests a peace offering: a large payment (worth 40 000 gp) for their last mission and a well-paid, easy quest. The pair accept on behalf of Team SSS and are tasked with escorting a diplomat on a peaceful visit to Denemir, a land belonging to elven magic users called “The Blessed”. Darius also requests they take a man named Leopoldo with them, he owes Darius a favour and team SSS is undermanned.

They head to a rowdy bar suggested by Darius and there they meet the larger than life swordsman Leopoldo Lionheart. Their meeting is cut unfortunately short when the team’s occasional companion Vathek starts a bar fight and summarily ends it with a fear spell.

Nevertheless, Leopoldo chooses to accompany Team SSS on their new quest and their path is set. The rest of the day is spent shopping, with one item high on the agenda. Vathek disguises himself as Savaros long enough for a sculptor to sketch him, and longer still to the upset of the party. A statue of Sav is commissioned and the team prepare to leave.


HarryB Jonholdship

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