Two Forks

Manservant or Rhinocerous?

Season 2 Episode 8

Resting in the corridor between the rooms of Chaos and Trickery, Team SSS finally remember to search for secret rooms. They find their second room, marked “Supply Drop 3”. Finding more than just a health potion, they backtrack to find drop 2, between Knowledge and Death. Team SSS press on, now carrying two magic draining crystals, four of which are apparently required to contain Reldon.

The trap filled room of Trickery proves tough for Team SSS and they only make it one room further. They rest in the room of Good. Now they face the room of Strength. Team SSS know the staff they seek is in one of the following rooms and there are only seven to go until they enter the resting place of Reldon.


HarryB Jonholdship

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