Two Forks


Season 3 Episode 8

Rushing their companions to the hospital, Team SSS manage to heal Leopoldo. Unfortunately, they find that Seb is dead. However, a divine spell allows the Team to commune with the dead and they are assured Seb is at peace, with no desire to return. The Team get Lord Balin to take Seb’s body back to Two Forks to commission a statue and set off to find an artefact for Pentavius.

They approach the Crypt of Malik outside of the city, a tomb where Malik’s crown can be found. The crown would Pentavius to scry on Darius, overcoming any defenses he may have. Outside the tomb, the Team meet a crusader serving the god Wee-Jas who announces himself as Osric. Osric had been sent to clear out the tomb and so accompanies Team SSS on their quest.

Inside, the Team find a statue blocking their way in the main chamber. Two recesses mark spots where objects have been removed from the statue’s eyes and so the Team check the adjoining chambers for the objects. They find one gem in a side room but are attacked by Ghouls. The Team are overwhelmed and Leo and Mourn fall. Leo is resuscitated but Mourn is dragged off by a ghoul into some tunnels. When the team are finally able to reach him, he’s long dead.


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